Friday, August 13, 2010

What I Like About My Idols- Intro

So, this is a post I've been thinking about for a long time, and a series of posts that I've been planning in various forms for a couple of months. Originally I was thinking about writing a series of posts or an essay about reasons that I find my favorite idol, Ishikawa Rika appealing to me as an idol. However, I realized that my reasons were very consistent for the idols that I like and that I really tend to value the same reasons throughout.

So, with that, I'm starting a series of posts about what goes into my personal decision of my favorite idols, what doesn't make a difference and what makes a nice plus. I know this is completely different for everyone who loves idols like I do, but I think this long essay/posts will be a good introduction into where I'm coming from, as an idol fan and as a blogger.

Here's the (very tentative) list of future topics I'm going to talk about:

1. Vocal Ability
2. Presence in PVs
3. Stage Presence
4. Personality (on TV, blogs, vids, etc.)
(This will probably be in multiple posts on which aspects of personality I like)
5. Physical appearance
6. Scandal-dealings/loyalty to the company
7. How I deal with changing favorites.
8. Conclusion-y thing

Note that this isn't necessarily a list of WHAT I think is important; it's a list of common qualities that I think people deal with that leads to them making a decision of who they like most.

I will be posting the first installment shortly!

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