Monday, August 2, 2010

She Can't Sing, huh...?

In the next few weeks, I' m sorry to say that I might not post as often as before, though I really will try. My family (yes, I do still live with my parents, deadbeat college student woo) and I are hosting a Japanese exchange student (they hope it'll help me with my conversational Japanese). It is my supreme goal not to squick her out with some of my wota-ness. I don't THINK I'm a creepy fan at all; I'm not super possessive of my favorites, and while I love PBs of my favorites I'm not creepy about it. Still, in a goal to not seem creepy, since she's staying in my bedroom I took all my wota-things (uchiwas, photocards, glowstick holder, photobooks) and brought them with me. So yeah, since she's coming, I plan on spending a lot of time hanging out and talking with her, so my other things (dubbing/blogging) might suffer. I hope not, though.

That being said, I just thought I ought to share something.

In the next few days I think I will be starting a blog series about why I adore my favorites and what goes into MY decision of what makes my favorite idols my favorites. Rika will probably be the main example for ANYTHING, simply because of the fact that she is my #1 favorite idol, even despite my many fandoms and groups I like.

This clip strikes me, because a lot of people have gone to me and said something akin to "why do you like Rika, she can't sing." In the future, to that question/falsity I will show them THIS YouTube clip of Rika singing LIVE at her stage play; I believe the scene is supposed to be a music lesson or SOMETHING which is why she gets progressively better. But she sounds amazing. So yay


  1. I always thought she could sing, it's just they gave her the wrong pitch to sing in.

  2. Rika has a very soft timbre. And because of that and doing a lot of dance moves, it's hard to maintain it on stage since it is much softer. But other than that, her voice is quite nice.

    I also agree with Kira.

  3. @Michikodesu: I do think it is harder for her to sing while dancing, especially since she does have some breathing issues. Her lung capacity (according to some info that came out with one of the Sports Festivals) is much smaller than the average human. She also has asthma. So I think maybe that would make dancing and singing at the same time difficult?

    I just posted this because I get a lot of flack for being a huge fan of "an idol who can't sing" and I just felt like posting this because of that.