Friday, August 6, 2010

New PV for Watarirouka Hashiritai; "Gyu!"

The new PV to AKB48 subgroup Watarirouka Hashiritai just came out.

I honestly love it a lot. Watarirouka Hashiritai is, IMO, the type of group that H!P used to be and wants to be now, except with way more in the way of a budget than current Hello!Project has. They're adorable, fun, and this song/PV reflects that really well.

The song itself is adorable and catchy; while I do like Akkanbe Bashi and Seishun no Flag, Gyu is as catchy as my favorite Watarirouka song Kanpeki Gu no Ne, and I think there's a good possibility that Gyu could overtake Kanpeki; I like it that much. The line distribution, while still focusing a lot on Mayuyu (who IS after all the #5 member of AKB) really includes the other members. Mayu has her big solo at the end and has twice as much as the other members, but honestly it's a lot better than Seishun no Flag and Hatsukoi Dash, which I appreciate. My favorite AKB member is Oota Aika who is also in Watarirouka, so the fact that this song wasn't completely the Mayu show was well-appreciated.

As a song, like I said it's catchy. I'm no music expert, but I really liked the way the melody of the song goes. The instrumental's cute and fun, but I personally really loved the instrumental part when Mayuyu has her big solo near the end, when the drums are the main focus. Again, I'm not a Japanese expert, so I don't know the full lyrics, but the song is itself very youthful so I'm thinking the lyrics are too.

I also love the PV, as well as the concept of it. I mean, I get that having actual guys in the PV with WH would be essentially impossible, so if they wanted to get this story/type of PV across they had to do something. I was still amazed at how bold they got, though; a "kiss" scene? The fact that this has to do with the WH girls having "boyfriends"? still, I like the inclusion of a storyline here, as well as the creativity and general flow of the PV.

Basically, I am loving pretty much everything about the combination of the song and the PV.

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