Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hangry & Angry F - New single! Reconquista!

Hangry and Angry suddenly announced just a couple of days ago that they were going to be releasing their first single (Sadistic Dance the song doesn't count because it's considered just a digital single), entitled 'Reconquista'; the date for the physical release is 8/10, but all of a sudden the PV and the digital release came out! So now I HAVE to review it.

Song: This is actually a lot poppier sounding than their other efforts. This is IMO the song that most shows their idol roots. It's not a bad thing (though I know a lot of people preferred their more "serious" rock sound. Still, it's a good/catchy song that's definitely worth checking out. My only beef is that there's a lot of cosmetic autotune, which is a bit annoying from someone who loves these girls voices. However, it does fit the song fairly well, so it's not too obtrusive (like, for example, the autotune in Morning Musume's Only You was). Of the voices, I think that even though Yossy's voice is usually seen as better, I think that Rika's voice really fits the song a lot more, and was the most pleasant to listen to. I liked Yossy a lot, but Rika made me wonder how this would be if it was a solo project, which I do think would be a good choice.

All in all, it's a good song; different from before, but that's not really a bad thing here!

PV: Yarn + Hangry & Angry is pretty much my dream, as a knitter. The one thing that's immediately noticeable is that this IS way low budget. There's not much in the way of backgrounds and props like their earlier effort of Top Secret had. This is really the quintessential PV on a budget; all inside, minimal props, minimal changes. However, the concept they used of H&A being marionettes strung up by yarn and eventually cut off ended up being a pretty solid/interesting concept, and even though it's obviously cheap the setting is visually pretty interesting.

The one thing that really does carry the PV into rewatchability territory for me is the real talent of both Yossy and Rika. These girls have over TEN YEARS of experience, which is a lot in Jpop idol time, or even in terms of female artists in Japan. These girls are charismatic, know what they're doing and are enjoying what they're doing, which clearly shows. The real strength of Hangry & Angry is that they're Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika, not new girls with no experience. JPop idols without too much experience really can be great, but so much has come from their Morning Musume experience, to make Hangry & Angry all the better.

Overall: While I certainly think that earlier efforts such as the Top Secret song/PV were better, but this is still a great release from a very consistently great group. I can only hope they start consistently releasing singles and that they keep themselves active!! So I definitely encourage a buy; it's only 99 cents on iTunes, and the more people who support these girls now, the more chances we'll have for more singles!


  1. Wow, you totally summed up my personal review in less words haha I totally agree about the minimalistic (almost "low budget") approach the director took with the PV, but like you, I wouldn't have minded if they put a little more something something into the PV as well. Win some, lose some I suppose.

    And I also agree about how this would sound if either of the girls sang this as a solo effort. I think Rika's vocals were made for this sort of material. Her voice just fits, especially in comparison to her stuff as a Musume and Biyuden member. This stuff just blows all the others out of the water. Great review!

  2. Glad you enjoyed my review! For H&A PVs, I think Top Secret>Reconquista>Kill Me Kiss Me. A bit more budget could have put more oomph into the PV.

    Totally agree about Rika's vocals being made for this. I love her voice, but there are VERY specific songs that just sound like thye're made for her.

    Thanks for the comment!!