Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 16

My posts for this haven't been super consistent, though to be fair to me I'm having a blast at CONvergence, the biggest (??) sci-fi convention in Minnesota. It's super fun! And yes, I do have fandoms that aren't idol related. Any other Doctor Who fans around here?

Anyways yeah.

Day 16: Your favorite Idol from a group not listed above.

When I saw this question I was originally in a rut as to how to answer it. Could I do H!P, since I haven't mentioned Yajima Maimi, who I adore? But I've already done H!P, should I do Super Girls or PASSPO? I know NOTHING about PASSPO (though the songs I've heard are pretty solid), and I like Super Girls's MAX Otome Gokoro, and two of the members (Reira and Kaede), but I don't know that much about them.

So I picked Kuumin, Yagami Kumi, from SKE48. It's technically not AKB48, and I really love Kuumin's interesting personality (Nya~han!), her dance skills (in general, SKE48 is the superior dance group to AKB), and her voice. She tends to sing cutsier songs (Wimbledon e Tsurettette and Ookami to Pride), but I like her voice a lot!

(and she can sing Mushi no Ballad!)

So even though her closeness to AKB48 might make her a bit of a copout... I don't care at all. Yagami Kumi is amazing!


  1. I'm a Doctor Who fan!!!! Woo hoo!!!

    I'm loving your blog, btw--wish I'd found it sooner!

  2. Yay Doctor Who, woo!!

    Glad you found my blog when you did! =D