Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New AKB Dating Sim set in Guam~

It was just announced that the sequel to AKB48's first dating sim (or rather, rejection sim) game, "AKB 1/48 Aidoru to Koishitara", which will be titled "AKB 1/48 Aidoru to Guam de Koishitara" (REALLY original title there) will be released in October.

I talked a bit about the first game here but even though some people are somewhat negative about it, I don't think it's a bad thing. I've seen the videos of my favorite, Oota Aika, and yes it has made me flail about uncontrollably when she tells the camera (me!!) that she loves me. It's marketing at it's finest; who DOESN'T want to have their favorite idol tell them they love them?

My only issue is that I'm a DD (meaning that I like everyone). Lovetan is my favorite, so I'm sure I'd go with her, but rejecting the rest of them would be HARD. I'd be going through the game and then suddenly I have to reject Mariyannu? I LOVE Mariyannu! I have to reject Wasamin? How does that happen? I'd also have the issue of going "OK, I'll replay the game, but THIS TIME go with Wasamin!" and then run in to the roadblock of having to actually reject Lovetan. This game would be emotionally stressful XD.

This time around, I don't think there's many more differences other than the whole "It's in Guam! Bikinis, hooray!" I mean, it'll be cool for us fans to see new vids of our idols telling us they love us. But if someone was a casual fan, I doubt this game would be super popular, especially if they had the first one.

I don't think the brand new Team 4 is included in the game, but they have the 90 minute video which includes Ichikawa Miori going "Anata no Kanojo ni naritai no~" Instead of "Fresh lemon ni naritai no~" which made me giggle.

All in all, while this is definitely not revolutionary (especially being a sequel to their other game), I'm excited to see the stuff surrounding the game. I don't have a PSP, so I doubt that I'll be getting this game, but I bet those AKB fans who have a PSP are thrilled right now!

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