Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 5

Day 05: Your favorite Idol group.

Oh man, oh man, it's so easy. It's...

The lovely Momoiro Clover, or as it's now known Momoiro Clover Z (I'll miss you forever, Akari).

This group is just nothing short of amazing. I love all the members like crazy, so even though Shiori is TECHNICALLY my least favorite, I still love her like crazy and consider her to be one of my favorite idols. They all have such natural, fun personalities that watching them in concert is always really fun. I remember that I really grew to love the group when they got the daily results for their indies singles (vids are online) and they're SO excited to get these low daily results, and Reni starts sobbing uncontrollably.

They're also the most fun group to watch perform live. Their dancing is king, with cartwheels and spins being hallmarks of their performances. But even without that they all perform with such energy and life that it's hard not to really love watching their performances. They all give off such energy and enthusiasm that it's fun.

I also love their producers/promotion XD It's weird, but when their staff twitter started to follow me I was hooked, and was even more hooked when they replied to my private message on twitter.

Finally, even though they have relatively cheaper production values than some of the idol giants of the day, they use them perfectly. If you've ever complained about Hello!Project PVs looking cheap, I direct you to MomoClo. For some of their PVs I wonder how much budget they had, but they always manage to make things interesting. The jumping around in Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo is always fun to watch, and the weird storyline of Mirai Bowl (Kanako and Akari are Sandy and Danny from Grease, but Danny has to beat evil Ayaka and her henchman Reni, with the help of newsies Shiori and Momoka in a bowling competition to win Sandy back? Uh, yeah!) can't be beat. It's a lot of the girls' work, but the production team behind MomoClo is simply genius.

Every time I see MomoClo lauded as the next big thing, I'm SUPER happy because I hope it's true. Just now they're starting to get more and more press and more and more notice with the idol boom, so I just have to wait and hope that Momoiro Clover Z gets more and more fans, because I LOVE them.

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