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Ongaku Gatas 2010 Spring live Concert Review Part 2

Took me too long, but here's part two to my review of the Ongaku Gatas concert, Gatas Ryuu!

Also, Joshi Kashimashi was super annoying to type up. I'm doing a karaoke groupdub of the whole concert right now, and I had to type up the entirety of Joshi Kashimashi's different lyrics; pain in the ass.

MC/Osaki Sunzurei
The first MC is really long, but pretty fun to listen to. I don't speak much Japanese, but I do understand a little bit, so I did understand a little bit. This is the MC that happens at pretty much every concert where each member introduces themselves, and cheers about the concert. Most of it was pretty standard, but as I love all of Gatas, it was pretty interesting. The KonKon fans were really in full force, finding every excuse to shout "KON KONNN." The Rika fans, were present, too, and everyone seemed to enjoy her presence, doing the standard "HAPPY" with her. This is also where Rika introduces herself as being sixteen, which people seem to eat up.

Rika is 16??

Osaki is a pretty standard song off the Ongaku Gatas album, that they've performed at every tour they've done. It's a fun, high energy song, that is hard to get old. I don't have that much to say on it other than that they all look like they're having a great time jumping around stage singing and dancing to this.

Jajaga Jaga

Nocchi and Rika, in particular looked like they were having the most fun dancing around to this, though they all looked happy. These two were very high-energy, and are fun to watch. All the extra lines from the ex-members seemed to go to Nocchi and Sengoku, which is a great change of pace. Often it seemed as if Korenaga didn't get enough to do, but she really did seem to be giving it her all, which is very admirable.

Nocchi and Rika rock out together~

All in all, while this is a really fun performance and it's a joy to watch, especially Nocchi and Rika, it's not one of my personal favorite performances in that nothing really stuck out at me and grabbed me as being extraordinary about it, since they've done this song multiple times before.
Still, it's really fun and enjoyable.

Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~
When I saw this song on the setlist back when this concert aired, I was immediately really excited. Morning Musume's Otomegumi is one of my favorite H!P groupings, because I love 4th Gen Musume (Rika and Tsuji), Mikitty's one of my favorite H!P girls, Ogawa's my favorite 5th gen member, I have a newfound love for Sayumi, etc. This song fits Ongaku Gatas PERFECTLY; Otomegumi was really the energy/active subgroup of Morning Musume, and Ongaku Gatas is, to me, an energy group as well. So this is a really great song choice.

In case anyone's interested, the lyrics are almost by their original coding, with:

Ishikawa Rika-herself
Yoshizawa Hitomi-Tanaka Reina
Konno Asami- Ogawa Makoto
Satoda Mai- Fujimoto Miki
Sengoku Minami- Tsuji Nozomi
Korenaga Miki- Michishige Sayumi
Noto Arisa - Iida Kaori

So, they cut it in a way that while all the "Main" OG members get most of the lines, the Eggs all get to sing together and each have one line (Korenaga, again, having the least to sing).

~Now Touch My Heart~

This was a great performance! Everyone brought a good deal of energy to the song, and like I said earlier it really fit them as a group. The only casting thing I'd really complain about would be Konno singing as Ogawa; now I know this is probably because of the 5th generation connection thing, but Ogawa sings some high notes and Konno has some real trouble hitting them. These are notes I'm pretty sure others could have made, so it's just kind of confusing.

The dancing in the dance break is really good! I honestly wish this concert had a LITTLE bit more choreography. I appreciate how free and open the whole thing really is, in that each of the members can really interact with each other and the audience; I love watching my favorites whe they can be themselves without having to stick to some kind of choreography. I also appreciate that at this point the members all have careers past being idols and don't necessarily have as much free time to practice as before. However, it just struck me while watching Ai no Sono that they all are really solid dancers, so a little more of that would have been nice.

However, this was a REALLY great performance that I enjoyed a lot. The energy was there, the vocals were there, the singing was there.

Man, I haven't disliked a performance yet! I'm going to stop there, but I can say with confidence that this concert is reaffirming that Ongaku Gatas are my favorite H!P unit, even after they were in H!P.

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