Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ongaku Gatas 2010 Spring live Concert Review Part 1

So recently the DVD for Ongaku Gatas's first live event in quite a while came out, but only yesterday was I able to find a download for it. I've seen some of the performances on YouTube, but now I can see and review the whole thing, piece by piece.

1. Ready Kick Off
First thoughts; in the intro before the song two things stand out to me:
1. Konno Asami fans are REALLY REALLY REALLY loud. Seriously. In the later MC and from what I can tell from the fan reports I've read, KonKon was probably about second in popularity to Rika fans there, but was still really popular. Yossy is the most popular with women by a long shot, followed by Satoda and Rika, but Konno is popular with men. But I swear, there's some LOUD "KON KONNNN" shouts in the beginning XD.
2. They got the giant flags out! I wanted the giant Gatas Brilhantes H.P flags, and was worried they wouldn't show up, because there's no Sakaero Habatake Gatas Brilhantes H.P performance in this concert. They're being waved (waved? right word) by actual non-OG members. idk, this is impressive somehow.

Now, I LOVE this song. Ready! Kick Off, for those who might not be in the know, is the new OG single that was sold at this concert and was made pretty much JUST for this concert. Ever since I heard radio previews for this song, I've loved it. In my opinion, it's one of the most exciting things to come from the UFA groups of artists related to H!P. EVERYONE sounds great, it's a high energy song, and this performance is not disappointing me in the least since I heard the single. All the members of Ongaku Gatas perform this song well and with high energy, and no one stands out as being too terrible. If I were to single anyone out it'd be JUST BARELY Konno, but even then she doesn't ruin it.

Ongaku Gatas at the start of Ready Kick Off
Here you can also see some of the outfits, and I have to say I think they're fantastic. They're not just regular clothes, but at the same time they're not stupid and not ridiculous like a lot of H!P costumes can be. This is, IMO, a perfect balance, and what concert costumes SHOULD be.

This was a GREAT performance, a wonderful way to get people pumped up (I can imagine being there and just being SO pumped up by the excitement and energy of this performance). The choreography's simple at best, but I don't even care; it doesn't even really need it.

2. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
When I first saw the setlist for this concert I was SO excited about a new Joshi Kashimashi. New lyrics for all the OG girls, all right!
The thing is, it's SLIGHTLY too few people to make a really impressionable Joshi Kashimashi. I mean, it's not TOO few, but it's half of the people who were originally in the Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari single, so when it ends it's basically "wait... that's it?"
That's not to say it was bad, but that was just something I noticed.

~Wow Wow Wow Seishun~

While I'm not anywhere near fluent or good enough in Japanese to be able to translate all of this, hearing the gist of this was pretty fun. Yossy sings about going to run a marathon (which she did), Rika sings something about being sexy rather than boyish (a jab at Yossy, maybe? ;)), Satoda I SWEAR combines "baka" and "country musume" to be Bakantori Musume (referencing her appearances on Quiz Hexagon, a game show, maybe?), I think Konno sings about studying or reports (I couldn't translate most of it), Noto Arisa OF COURSE goes into manga and anime (one of her favorite things), Korenaga Miki... I couldn't get most of hers but it's something about a futsal rehearsal, and Sengoku Minami I THINK sings something about becoming the number one member in Gatas.
I just really like this shot for some reason

All in all, I really liked it, for a variety of reasons. First, it's a really fun song, and it's a good look into the personalities of all the members. Second, this song is really the start of the H!P Eggs (or ex-H!P Eggs, as is the case with all of them except Sengoku) to start being there for a purpose that isn't JUST background dancers for the more popular, more experienced members. When I express my love for Ongaku Gatas, most people I talk to think it's mainly because I'm a huge fan of Ishikawa Rika. This is certainly part of it, but I really do love Ongaku Gatas as a group, including the eggs. SO, this concert really seemed to feature them more than I've seen in the past, which is really positive for me.

More to come soon~


  1. thanks for your review

    yeah, i think, ishiyoshi (in my case) accounts for a huge part of my love for Ongaku Gatas but i think the chemistry among all of the members is just <3

  2. Thanks for the review, serenyty!
    I've downloaded the concert already, just waiting for a huge block of free time so I can sit and watch it all in one, comfy sitting ^___^

    If IshiYoshi weren't a part of Ongaku Gatas, I doubt I would follow them too, but there's no denying what a great joy this group is.

    Thanks again! <3