Friday, June 25, 2010

She's doing what now???

It's a hard issue to deal with for fans of idols, but it's one we often do have to face; what happens when an idol makes a career move that we aren't so fond of.

I'm referring to what has kind of shocked the AKB48 fandom, and that is the ex-member Nakanishi Rina, who was previously a front girl in the group and also was the main singer in the subgroup Chocolove, is now going to appear in AV (adult videos).

Now, I'm not at all attached to Rinatin. To be honest, she had graduated by the time I had gotten into AKB, and even then whenever I watch AKB PVs she never quite catches my eye; even in Chocolove, I'm very much into Miyazawa Sae.

But it does raise the question; what do you do when your idol chooses this kind of path? It's a tough question, because so many fans of idols just don't think about it.

The closest I've had to deal with this was when I find out all of the stuff Kago Ai's been up to. Now I'm not even the biggest Kago Ai fan in the world; however, She IS part of MM's 4th generation, which holds a place near and dear to my heart. At this point pretty much every fan of Morning Musume knows about Kago and how Hello!Project/UFA is dealing with her scandal; they just ignore her. But as a fan, how do I react to her racy photobooks, her relatively scandalous dating life and choices like this? It's hard to say. I try to support and feel good about it, but it's hard sometimes. I certainly don't shun her as much as the rest of the industry seemed to.

At this point, I just feel ambivalent. Maybe I'd feel stronger in one way or another if one of my favorite idols made a decision like this (God I hope not). I know I'd still support my favorites no matter what, it just seems pretty hard to deal with. It's a tricky thing to deal with, no matter who does AV or a racy PB.

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