Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll Miss You, Okada Yui!

Recently it was announced that Okada Yui's contract with Hello!Project Kansai's expiring and she's going to pursue being a stylist.

I'm really bummed out about this news; Okada Yui (AKA Okappai, my favorite nickname ever) was always really fun to watch with v-u-den, and I had a bit of a pipe dream that v-u-den would do a reunion tour when I study abroad. Obviously this isn't happening, so it's pretty sad, but I hope she can achieve her goals and I'm glad that she'll be happy.

This is the Okada Yui solo version of the last v-u-den single, Nan ni mo Iwazu ni I Love You.

I hope the best for you, Okappai!

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