Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obligatory 9th Gen Musume Post

So, I woke up today to find out what had happened with the 9th generation of Morning Musume. I was originally thinking of staying awake to find out the results real time, but I was sleepy. So with that, I decided to go to sleep and wake up and find out which idols I'd need to learn about and support.

Now, before this I have watched the Bijo Gaku special and I decided really early on not to strongly support any girls or strongly dislike any girls. I knew if I did that that one way or another I'd end up disappointed and bitter and I really don't want to feel like that about any of my idol groups.

So it's been announced that Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho, Ikuta Erina and the egg Fukumura Miyuki have been put into Morning Musume.

Kanon is my immediate tentative favorite. She seemed funny in the auditions and when she started doing her audition acting part and just goes to lay on the ground to answer the phone. She immediately seems to have an abundance of personality. The fact she's really cute also helps. I think if MM/H!P ever got themselves another TV show or TV appearances that she could really shine.

ALSO SHE'S FROM AICHI. I did a project about Aichi prefecture for Japanese class. I'm sold.

She was the favorite of a lot of fans on the internet; she already does have a solid amount of dance skill, she's cute, and her singing wasn't bad at all. She also seems kind of confident, but at the same time that could be a negative thing, because there's a thin line between confident and smug. Anyways, she's the 9th gen member that most people agree has the most potential, so I really can't wait to see what she can do with the rest of MM.

I feel bad, but I didn't really notice her that much in the auditions. I remember thinking she was cute and that I liked her, but I liked all of them. She really seems like she's the underdog with the fans right now, but I do think she could have potential.

At first my reaction to the egg Mizuki making it in was:

because I was rooting for Sekine Azusa, my absolute favorite egg, to make it in. However, today I went back and listened to Watashi no Tamago to listen for Mizuki and she does have a really nice voice in Shugo Chara Egg. So I'm not that bitter, and I do like her; she's up there with Kanon right now for favorite 9th gen.

... But Tsunku really should have added Sekkii. 


  1. It appears we have the same favorites based on first impressions. ^^

    Can't wait to see 'em in action!

  2. I actually re-watched the 2nd half of the 9th gen auditions to see what was good about those who got in.

    Erina: dancing is ok, singing is not bad
    Riho: dancing is great, singing is pretty good
    Kanon: dancing is good, singing is ok (lower register than the other 2, but she was way too smiley when she was singing)
    Mizuki: I'm guessing she's good, since she's got tons of H!P Egg training

    I really wanted Saho Akari to be part of something. Maybe not necessarily be part of MM, but I guess since her training is not complete, she'll just have to be part of Aa for now (which she is totally awesome in).

    H!P has left 2011 open to be awesome, but I'm still nervous about MM's new single (whenever it comes out). >.<