Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Current H!P listing

Hey, to the one follower I have (I have a follower, how 'bout that!); I've been SUPER busy as of late (college is kicking my ass), but I did manage to find time to fill out Hello!Blog's ranking of current H!P members!
Note: After 5 it gets hazy and after 10 I did a lot of guess work XD. I like all of H!P, tbh.

Sorry if you like anyone who's low on the ranking, but just keep in mind that below a certain number it's kind of random. Like, S/Mileage is low because I don't know them very well and Mai is low because... I don't even know. But the top five is pretty certain, as well as the top 10. Top 1 is definite. Because Aika is kind of my favorite thing in H!P right now.

Yay! :D

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