Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hi, this is Serenyty and this is my new Hello!Project and other JPop (and possibly KPop, I'm looking at you, JQT and T-ara!) blog. I've decided to start this because I'm ridiculously opinionated, and every time I hear a new single or see a new PV I automatically have a lot of thoughts. Granted, most of these thoughts are positive (I AM a wota, after all), but I have my favorites, for sure.

If you're just reading this (which at this point no one will) you might be wondering "Ha~pi Disco? what kind of a name is that?" Well, both words are there for some reasons.

First off, Ha~pi (or more known as Haaaaa~~~piiiii, but I didn't want to remember all those a's and i's) is one of the catchphrases of Ishikawa Rika, especially when she was on Hello!Morning (Morning Musume's TV show) as her alter ego, Charmy Ishikawa.


I am a huge fan of Ishikawa Rika, being my favorite idol. Her positivity is one of my favorite things about her. As well, I hope to make this blog very happy. :) Often I see very negative posts about certain idols, but I really hope to be positive. There may be negative opinions on songs or PVs, but never direct attacks to a girl. I really honestly enjoy Jpop idols, and I hope I won't be making any negative posts. If I don't like something I won't post about it. (by the way, I love Hello!Project, AKB48, some KPop, and most recently I've been getting into Perfume).

Disco... I wanted a cute word to go well with ha~pi. I've had Perfume's 'Chocolate Disco' stuck in my head all day, and I've been also addicted to their song 'One Room Disco'; in addition, I like the concert Platinum 9 Disco, as well as Hello!Project songs with a disco type sound. See the connection? I just liked the way Ha~Pi Disco sounded, so.. that's what I named it.

OK, time to go finish kanji homework.

Haaaaapiiiiiii! :D

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